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Why Replace Windows and Doors?

Why Sun Shield?

Here are some great questions we have been asked over the years. So let us answer them for you or contact us TODAY!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the blinds still work after you install my windows?

Yes, our Anlin frames are blind friendly. The width is 2¾" vs. some of the other window frames which are 3⅛". If anything, we have to move the brackets in just a little.


Do the windows and doors come with screens?

All windows & patio doors come with screens. The French doors do not have screens.


Do you have to come in the house to install the windows?

Yes, we need access on the inside as well as the outside for removal & installation.


Do we have to move the furniture?

Yes, work space is required in front of the openings. We can work over the computer desk and counters if needed. We don’t mind moving the heavier items.


Do we have to be there while you install the windows?

No, we just need to arrange a way in and we’ll lock up when we leave. Your home is never unattended until we’re finished.


How long does it take to install a typical house full of windows?

It generally takes just one day to install up to eight (8) windows.


Is there stucco or drywall damage?

No, replacement windows don’t require any demolition.


How many windows do you require for replacement?

We’re happy to do just one window or the whole house.


How much window sill will we lose?

You lose approximately 1½ inches (it varies with the type of frame you have).


Will you haul away all of the old windows?

Yes, we clean up and haul away all the debris and vacuum in front of each window.

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