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2020 Home Improvement Trends

What kind of home remodel do you want to do in 2020? Energy Efficiency, Smart Home Technology, Home Security, and back patio are some of the latest trends for 2020! here Is a list of a few.

Install Energy Efficient Glass

Low-E Glass is a double pane glass insert that has an invisible film which reflects radiant heat. This film is applied on the glass to help keep heat outside in the summer but keep heat inside in the winter. How does it know?! It’s just that smart. By reflecting radiant heat back from where it came from, it’s increasing the energy efficiency of your home regardless of the season.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Another way to decrease the use of air conditioning and furnace units is by only running them when you are home. Having a programmable thermostat allows you to setup to run your air units on set days and times. This significantly reduces the amount of time they will run, therefore saving you all sorts of energy from your bills. Installing a new thermostat is pretty straight forward and takes very little time, but the benefits are enormous.

Increase the Shade

Nearly 50% of the heat from outside is getting in from the sun beating on your roof and windows. Looking for ways to increase shade will prevent a lot of that heat from making it in. Planting trees, installing awnings, and increasing insulation are all ways to help prevent that heat from soaking into the interior of your home. Installing a patio room or retractable patio shade not only cuts heat coming to your home but will enhance your back yard lifestyle!

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