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3 Tips for Buying Replacement Windows the Smart Way

Modern replacement windows have better energy-efficiency features and more optional accessories than they did just a couple of decades ago. Trading up from aging wood, steel casement or aluminum windows that are falling apart and looking really bad may be an enticing idea.

Sadly, some Tucsonans make mistakes when buying big ticket items. Some pay for features they don’t need, while others jump on the cheapest option, hoping they can make do, until they can afford to move into a bigger, nicer home down the road. Some go for the hard sales tactics and end up paying sometimes triple what it should cost.

You don’t have to worry about making costly mistakes. Here’s how to buy replacement windows without getting in over your head, or going so far in debt you’ll never climb your way out.

#1. Finalize Your Window Budget

Call and set up a free estimate with two to three window replacement companies. If looking to finance ask about each option and pre-approved for a loan.

This first step allows you to intentionally consider how much you can really afford and get a budget in your mind before you start falling in love with all the extras – custom grille designs, specialty configurations, exclusive hardware options, etc.

If you plan to finance, shop around for interest rates. Talk to credit card companies about zero interest purchases for one or two years that may allow you to get an even better rate if the prime rate drops or financial incentives change. We offer multiple financing options for short term to long term.

#2. Keep Window Needs Simple to Start

The best way to control your budget is to keep things simple. When you’re buying a new car, the worst thing you can do is immediately tell the salesperson how much you love that red model on the corner lot. The more you rave about a certain trim package, the heavier the sales guy is going to push the upgrades.

When you’re investing in replacement windows and patio doors, you want to tell your representative how you plan to use the windows in each room and what you expect your investment to help you achieve. You know, easier cleaning, lower heating and air condition bills, a more beautiful curb appeal.

Be honest about what you need and expect, but to be a good negotiator you need to focus on one thing at a time. Once you settle on a style, you can talk about color, then glass, then optional add-ons and so on. The replacement windows Sun Shield has to offers gives you the opportunity to pick the exact package that makes since for you. Replacement windows DO NOT COST $30-40,000! That is unless you live in an extremely large home. This has been a problem going on in Southern Arizona leading people to think replacement windows are so expensive and sometimes out of reach for your normal household.

#3. Don’t Buy More Than You Need

When buying a new car, buying more than you need might include adding so many extras you’ll have to refinance to lower the payments in a few years, or your next visit to the dealership may mean you are upside down on your trade-in, and you’ll be paying for a car you aren’t even driving anymore. It’s tougher to trade in windows once they’ve been custom built and installed.

With replacement windows buying more than you need might include choosing a triple-pane window when a double-pane window will work just as well in our climate. Paying for another pane is basically wasted money unless you’re living somewhere like Minnesota, Maine or Alaska.

Ready. Set. Buy Replacement Windows With Confidence!

These three tips will get you well on the way to trading up to replacement windows that are exactly what you need for your home and your lifestyle. If you have questions about Sun Shield's full line of replacement window styles and accessories, we’d love to meet with you. Just fill in the short form on the contact page or call 520-22-5898 to schedule a private in-home consultation with a representative today.

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