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Which Shading System Is Right For You?

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is “what’s the difference between patio enclosure and drop down screens?”

Both patio enclosures and drop down screens provide shade from the sun, but the two offer different types of sun protection.

Let’s start with the basics:

A patio enclosure shades your outdoor space

We build a few different kinds of patio enclosures, but by far the most popular ones are our security patio enclosure. Customers have the choice of using our mesh solar screen material or our stainless steel mesh that is full security! Usually, our customers who choose patio enclosures have a patio where they’d like to sit and enjoy a refreshing drink or have guest on the patio or animals and want to be completely protected from the outside all year long.

Like our patio enclosure, we have a full line of screen products to choose from, but one of our most popular products is the retractable patio screens.

Screens made with mesh fabric extend straight up and down, making them the perfect choice for those west facing windows where the afternoon sun turns your patio unbearable to enjoy.


sing drop down patio screen to cool a patio during the warm summer months will allow you to enjoy your backyard all year long. This also allows you to enclosure your patio when you want and as easy as clicking a button on you cell phone. Our drop down shades can be connected to an app on your phone, amazon alexa or google echo! This allows you full control as to when you want to have a fully enclosed patio.

Our exterior screens keep as much as 85% of the heat from the sun from cranking up the temperature in your home or on you patio.

Making the right choice for your home

Choosing the sun solution that’s right for you, really depends on which problem you have to begin with! We offer free in-home consultations, so we’re happy to come take a look at your situation and discuss which solution fits your needs and your budget.

And don’t worry – our consultations are easy-going and low pressure

Retractable awnings retract (that’s why we call them retractable!) and are self-storing when you’re not using them.

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