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Don’t Over Pay For Windows

There are many good reasons to replace your old windows. New windows are more energy efficient, easier to maintain, and keep out the occasional high winds. They’ll also look great! This makes them a great investment, but as the top source for replacement window installation in tucson , we’ve come across many homeowners that paid far too much with other companies.

The impetus for this story was an older gentleman who got a second opinion for new windows after it was already too late. A smooth-talking salesman had him on the hook for around $22,000, an amount that left him in tears when he realized he’d been had. We could have done the same job for about $10,000 less.

Here are a few things you should know about replacement windows before making any firm commitments.

Choose the Right Windows for Your House

If you’re considering selling your house in the future, your window replacement will usually return about 75 percent of your investment. How much depends on getting the right windows at the right price. Custom shapes or installations will typically run more. Whether you choose wood, fiberglass, or vinyl, you want to match the look of the house.

Windows are an important feature of a house, so make sure your replacements add to the home rather than detracting from it. Get good advice from a reputable company to make an informed decision.

Know Your Options

Perhaps you’re considering solid wood windows. Wood products these days have an exterior cladding to reduce maintenance and give a longer life. They are also beautiful, but typically cost more. If cost is an issue, you might look into other options. . Don’t be Taken in by a Sales Pitch

We’ve all been in an uncomfortable sales pitch, be it for a new car, a vacation timeshare package, or a relative eagerly pushing their latest multi-level marketing product. This approach is all too common in the industry, with replacement window companies in Tucson dragging their victims through a three hour sales presentation in their own home.

The worst part is the pretend haggling at the end. “It’s going to be hard, but I’ll call my manager to get a special price for you!”

Baloney! If they can do that price at the end to turn your “no” into a “yes”, they could have started with it - they were just trying to milk you for more.

We don’t like it when that happens to us, so Sun Shield Products won’t do it to you. Rather than telling you what you need, we’ll ask you what you want. We offer multiple affordable windows, so we’ll show you what your options are. It’s your home, after all.

Get a Second (or Third!) Opinion

We specialize in second opinions.  It's simple: When you get multiple estimates, one estimate will always be the lowest. Schedule two or three companies to come to your house for a replacement window estimate, and don’t be afraid to tell them what you’re doing. Knowing they have competition will likely get you a better bid, and you should feel free to pit them against one another.

However, it may be unwise to make your determination only on price. Make sure the options you’re being quoted are comparable. The reputation and the guarantees offered for the installation are very important as well. If the company you feel the best about is at the high end, don’t be afraid to haggle and see if they will come down.

Sun Shield Products - #1 For New Window Installation in Tucson Arizona

Old windows can be a big problem. They raise energy costs, are less durable, and can be unsightly. If it’s time to upgrade to your forever windows, Sun Shield Products can help you get the best windows for the best price.

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